What's Nutritional Therapy with Ximena and How Does It Help Me?

Welcome to my passion come true! The way I ended 20 years on 'incurable' PCOS for good

Welcome to one of my greatest passions come true! You may know me by Ximenadelaserna.com but, did you know that complementary and alternative medicine have been a great passion of mine since childhood?  


What is a Nutritional Therapist?  

Nutritional therapy is part of the medical science, more specifically, Epigenetics, the part of genetic science that is responsible for investigating the way in which the environment, habits and nutrition are responsible for switching our genes on and off (that is, it's through these factors that we become ill and/or heal/healthy).  


A nutritional therapist works both with healthy people, preventing them from developing diseases for which they may have a genetic predisposition, and with people who are already sick to help solve the problem at the root (and not just treat the symptom like western medicine does).  

The nutritional therapist knows very well that each individual is a unique organism and what can heal someone can make another person sick. As the Roman philosopher Lucretius well said:

"The food of one man may be the poison of another."  


Did you know that only 5% of the world population has unavoidable defects in their DNA? 95% of human beings should not develop any chronic disease in their lives, even if they have inherited the genes. It is through poor diet, lifestyle and habits that we activate (or deactivate!) The genes of all these diseases.  

This is what is called 'Genetic Expression', the way our genes are expressed, in the form of health or illness, depending on the instructions they receive from us.  

These instructions come to you, among other things, through the food you eat. Therefore, understanding how what you eat affects your particular genetic expression and the biochemistry of your body, is the fundamental basis of nutritional therapy.  


It is our responsibility as nutrition therapists to understand how what you eat affects:  

  • Your genetic adaptation to the foods you eat
  • The damage of free radicals to your DNA
  • Find out and optimize your antioxidant capacity
  • Prescribe foods and supplements that will help prevent diseases in your DNA and improve those already activated
  • Use nutrition and nature as the pharmacy that it is
  • Optimize and calm your immune system (severely overactive due to our lifestyle, food and toxins)
  • Prevent diseases
  • Help you solve those that you have already developed  


Is all this important to determine illness or health?  

It's not important. Its determinant.  

Food is MUCH MORE than simple fuel for your body. Food deposits information and instructions inside your body and your cells.  

Nutrigenetics, of which nutritional therapy is part, studies and explains how the different compounds of the food you consume, travel to the deepest cell level, alter your DNA and cause a reaction on the part of the cell.  


This cellular response can be positive - like that caused by Resveratrol (the phytonutrient found in red grapes) that activates the "Longevity Gene" within the cell. Or a negative response - like the one produced by sugar, which sticks to the cell and releases irritating chemicals to your body that cause inflammation and autoimmune diseases.  

Science, to date, has shown that the effect of food on our genetic expression and cell function is a fundamental cause of chronic diseases of the 21st century.  


There are other ways in which your diet affects the biochemistry of your body and, therefore, your health, wellbeing and the development of diseases and conditions you suffer.  

For example, foods rich in soluble fiber help your body eliminate toxins, excess hormones and cholesterol and helps friendly bacteria in your gut to be healthy, improving your immune system and preventing infections and external attacks.  

Another example is consuming large amounts of certain vegetables that are rich in antioxidants (especially in glutathione) that help neutralize free radicals and strengthen your liver (your body's laboratory!) So you can filter out all the toxins.

Things like gluten or grains can trigger autoimmune responses (like Hashimoto's, eczema, arthitis, ankylosing spondylitis...)

And here's where food plays an absolute determinat role in illnesses like PCOS, infertility, lack of ovulation, type 2 diabetes... SUGAR AND FLOUR are the drivers of the hormonal cascade that causes these.


So, how does nutrition therapy help me?  

As we have said, 95% of us should have a healthy life from beginning to end without developing chronic diseases.  

These diseases are the plague of the 21st century: type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia; coronary diseases, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, allergies, chronic skeletal muscle pain, headaches, migraines, hormonal problems and female cycles, abundant, absent or too painful periods, PCOS, infertility and difficulties for pregnancy, insomnia, recurrent infections, stomach problems, lack of vitality, chronic fatigue, overweight and obesity... and even cancer. 

You were born with a fixed DNA for life. It carries genetic information that makes you more or less likely to develop certain conditions, but the genes can not be activated or deactivated by themselves: they respond to the information that what you eat and the lifestyle you lead gives them. 

Knowing all this, you can now understand how nutrigenetics and nutritional therapy are the key to help you prevent diseases (keep those genes asleep) and/or put an end to those you have already developed (deactivate those genes). 

21st century humans are here because of million of years of successful evolution. We are incredible, self preserving organisms. And yet it is the first time in History that we are so sick and take several different prescription drugs to "heal". 

Your body does NOT need to be ill. Feeling bad often and suffering from illnesses and poor health is NOT NORMAL. 

If you are suffering from poor health or you know someone who is always afflicted with diseases and ailments that do not seem to go away, nutritional therapy may be the help that was missing! 

And what role does Keto (low carb) play in all this? Keto, or the ketogenic diet, is a way to eat and live. 

Sugar (of any kind, yes, honey, agave and fruits are also sugar and your body does not understand the so-called 'healthy' sugar) should not have a place in our diet because, as we have seen, it produces endless irritants and inflammations that lead to the activation of those genes we do not want to wake up or worsen. 

The ketogenic way of life ends this problem. It can be the first step (and at the same time it might be the only one you need) to optimise your health and prevent and improve all those health conditions. 

The chronic diseases that we talked about above, as well as being overweight, usually respond very positively (you can see results in just 2 weeks!) to a ketogenic/low carb lifestyle. And you don't have to sacrifice yourself, buy anything or carry out complicated and dangerous diets! 

I myself got rid of 20 years of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) by carrying out a ketogenic lifestyle. 

With my help, you will learn to apply all this knowledge to HEAL and PREVENT especially if you are suffering from hormonal or fertility disorders (my expertise!). I am here to help you optimize your DNA so that you can enjoy forever the health for which you were born!

Do you want me to help you? Get in touch with your concerns and I'll get back to you ASAP!

If you suffer from PCOS, hormonal imbalances, fertility problems, lack of ovulation, estrogen dominance, androgenetic symptoms like alopecia, cystic acne, face and body hair, weight problems and difficulty losing weight, irregular or absent periods, long cycles... you NEED to listen to us giving you all the answers in this episode!

Meet Ximena

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Natural Fertility/Contraception Educator (Scientific method FAM) and Keto athlete 100% fat fueled!  

Through her studies in functional nutrition, female hormones, fertility and epigenetics, Ximena has helped dozens of people optimize their DNA, health, hormones and weight.  

After suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for 20 years, Ximena got rid of it (without ANY medications) through Nutrition Therapy alone by improving her genetic expression to silence PCOS forever.  

Is it your case? Do you want to learn more and achieve it, too? Get in touch at ximena@ximenadelaserna.com or click below!

"Thank you very much Ximena for your Keto Challenge. It has been a great discovery for me. Thanks to this program I'm healthier! And the gift of health ... is something that cannot be measured. Thanks to you from my heart!!”  


"After 20 years of type 2 diabetes, in just 2 months with Ximena my blood sugar levels were regulated and I was able to stop ALL my medication. My doctors were speechless and didn't know what to say more than: "Continue with what you are doing”.


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